Standing Tall, Theatre of Spontaneity, Sunday 27 May 2018

Theatre of Spontaneity

Sunday 27  May  2018
at 6.00 pm. for 6.30 start – 8.30 finish

Presenter: Sue Daniel


We are more acted upon than acting, sometimes squashed, hemmed in or impinged upon without our permission or desire.  We can lose sight of ourselves or who we are.  In this May Theatre of Spontaneity we will explore what it means to stand tall, being in our element, in our own light.
On the last Sunday of every month, the Moreno Psychodrama Society holds the Theatre of Spontaneity (ToS). Each ToS presenter provides a theme and/or will work with material from the group, so just bring yourself to this unique and refreshing event. Jacob Levy Moreno created the first Theatre of Spontaneity (ToS) early in the last century to explore through enactment, connection, moments of interest, social themes and current events occurring in the community and society.
Come along to our Theatre of Spontaneity to explore new roles, share your stories, journeys and experiences.
RSVP by Friday, 25 May 2018 to:
Gavin O’Loughlin 0403 597 685
The Location is 1/10-12 Adolph St. Cremorne, Victoria
At the door: $15.00 MPS members/$20.00 non-members – Light refreshments provided
All welcome!