The Rise of Dr. J. L. Moreno’s Social Network, his concepts and theories

Photograph courtesy of Russell Brandom

Announcing the first session of The Psychodrama Seminars at PIM this coming Friday, 15 February 2019.  The time is 7.30-9 p.m (1.5 hours).  The fee is $30.00 at the door. Tea and coffee is served. Seats still available.  RSVP 0417 586 791
The Rise of Moreno’s Social Network and its applications and uses.  Above is a diagram of a FaceBook (FB) network.  Dr. J. L. Moreno’s social network concept was the precursor for such social media as FB. This seminar is a lecture/demonstration on Moreno’s concepts of social networks and interpersonal relationships.  His approaches were mathematically formalised in the 1950’s and now form part of the field of network science, and is used across disciplines.   
All welcome!