New books and articles in the PIM library

Books in the Zerka T. Moreno Section:

“Acts of Service: Spontaneity, Commitment, Tradition in the Nonscripted Theatre” by Jonathan Fox.


Articles by Trainees, Trainers and Practitioners in the George Cally Section:

110 Hans Wilgenburg Role Reversal with a Flip Chart in India – Major Paper 2015
111 Emily Lumbers Therapeutic Theatre and the Legitimate Theatre – Paper 2015
112 Sue Daniel The Usefulness of Role Reversal in One-To-One Supervision: A Qualitative Research Project Uisng Heursitic Enquiry – Journal article 2015
113 Sue Daniel The Social Atom in the Age of the Social Network – Journal article 2016
114 Masaaki Chikuda The Revelation of Role Reversal – Paper 2016
115 Lyndon Medina Psychodrama and the Impostor Syndrome – Major Paper 2016
116 Magdalene Jeyarathnam Turning Stones to Diamonds – Challenges that Turned to Strengths – Major Paper 2016
117 Yelena Ashlapova Intuitive Artist Yelena Ashlapova 2016
118 Cath Russell It Takes a Village to Build a Flashmob: How I used Scoiometry during a Community Activist Campaign in the Dandenong Ranges 2011-2013. Major Paper 2016
119 Sue Daniel The Treasures of Being in the Moment with Role Theory: A Series of Stories – Journal Article. The original in French was published on the 28th of September 2017 by Institut ODeF: Journal Relation et Action, Genève: 2017