Role Training Workshop

Hans Wilgenburg

Sunday, 16 July from 10 a.m – 5.30 p.m.

Director: Hans Wilgenburg

Trying on new roles, developing new response to old situation , and novel responses in new situations is what role training is about.

Central to this methods is role reversal : being in the shoes of the other.  In the session you will gain a clearer understanding of what a Role is , its components, the types of roles, elements of a role and the importance of developing roles. Experience and identify the stages of a role training process and tools to deepen and expand the roles.

This workshop with Hans will assist anyone working in fields where surprising or unexpected events occur.

Hans Wilgenburg is a practicing architect and counsellor utilising his counselling skills within his architectural practice. He discovered Psychodrama in 1980, and gained his Assistant-Psychodramatist Certificate in 2013 with PIM. He has completed Leadership Accreditation for individuals in business, has a Diploma in Holistic Counselling and is a registered Counsellor with ACA. Hans works with adoption issues focusing on parenting, loss and trauma. He is also on the VANISH committee and is a Volunteer/Coach with the Special Olympics.

Fee: $75.00 (MPS members) ($150 for non-members), Deposit $50.00 due by Friday, 15 June. Please contact Hans on 0431 183 961 or the PIM Administrator.