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Theatre of Spontaneity – 30th January 2022

Posted by admin on  January 25, 2022

The PIM Flyer for 2022

Posted by admin on  December 4, 2021

Monday Psychodrama Lunchtime Reading Group

Posted by admin on  September 23, 2021

Article: Day by Day – Role Theory, Sociometry and Psychodrama with Adolescents and Young Women.

Monday 4 October 2021 from 12 noon to 1 p.m

Moderator: Jaya Narayan

I like revisiting familiar pieces of writing to find comfort. I have read the article, Day by Day—Role Theory, Sociometry, and Psychodrama With Adolescents and Young Women (authored by Sue Daniel) a few times in the past. A few of my favourite phrases from the article are: – 

‘…every moment is new‘ (first paragraph) and ‘…to work with “what is” is a pleasure because it is real’ (last page, in the conclusion).

While returning to this article recently, I savoured the progressive roles that Imogen, Jane & Gina found in their exploration. I hope you, too, can locate a few words, phrases or moments from this article that you like for our upcoming reading group. Jaya.


Daniel, S (2006) Day-by-Day: Role Theory, Sociometry and Psychodrama with Adolescents and Young Women. Journal of Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Sociometry. Heldref Publications. pp.195-205

4-Day Psychodrama Workshop

Posted by admin on  September 16, 2021

Monday Lunchtime Reading Group

Posted by admin on  April 18, 2021

The Magic Charter of Psychodrama: A Simple Way of Restoring Harmony and Peace in a World of Unrest and Tension, written by Jacob Moreno is the subject for the Monday 26 April Reading Group.  Sue Daniel is the moderator for this event. The title for this next group is “ The simple methods of psychodrama give us courage, return us to our lost unity with the universe, and re-establish the continuity of life.”

RSVP PIM@netspace.net.au

Monday 29 March Reading Group

Posted by admin on  March 24, 2021

Monday, 29 March from 12-1 p.m, 2nd Reading Group for 2021

Moderator: Katrina Gaskin

“Sensitivity to atmosphere is not talked about very often.  In psychodrama it is described as part of the ‘warm up’.” Katrina Gaskin

Our reading group will focus on this subject and the reference is ‘Taha Maori Group’ by Robert Crawford. Please RSVP (see below) and we will send you the full article.

1st Monthly Lunchtime Reading Group for 2021

Posted by admin on  February 13, 2021