Sue Daniel (TEP)    Director of PIM

The Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne (PIM) is a  world class training organisation in leadership, group psychotherapy, role theory, role training, sociometry and psychodrama.  Our training programs are largely  bespoke, with a range of different events from which people can choose.  In addition various practitioners, trainers and senior trainees are offering individual and small group supervision, personal and professional development courses, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, mentoring, staff development and organisational consultancy.  

The institute has at its core the sociometric principles of the founders of psychodrama, Dr. J. L. Moreno (1889-1974) and Zerka T. Moreno (1917-2016), with an emphasis on two-way mutual relationships, spontaneity and creativity. The Director of PIM is Sue Daniel.

The Program: In 2021, Sue is continuing to provide a range of services within Australia and Internationally online.  A new experiential group commenced on the 10th November 2020 entitled ‘Onscreen’ – Explorations in virtual reality through Psychodrama. Others in this series will be posted soon. Topics include ‘psychodrama and sociometry in one-to-one therapy’, ‘role theory in couple counselling’, ‘coaching as an action method’, and ‘sociometry in the classroom’. 

In 2021 most of our courses and workshops are continuing online.  An Open training group is beginning in February. There is also the new series of experiential workshops for individual practitioners and leaders of groups, who are working online. Independent psychodrama practitioners and senior trainees, who use specific modalities including psychodrama, CBT, art and yoga in their practice, offer a variety of services for the public (see Other Services).

For more information on our institute, see the full training program for 2021 on this site, or on our Facebook page.  All enquiries 0410 536 791 or to the Administrator, Ted at 

The 4-Day International Psychodrama Intensive,  is going to be online from October 15-18  

Psychodrama is about mutual relationships and living in the moment.  Making connections through relationship is the catalyst for real change. Our aim is to promote individual and group health in our communities through the spontaneity and creativity of sociometry and psychodrama.