Sue Daniel (TEP) Director of PIM

The Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne (PIM) is a world class training institute in leadership, group psychotherapy, role theory, sociometry and psychodrama. PIM provides training, supervision and professional and personal development courses in group leadership, psychotherapy, counselling, staff development and organisational consultancy. The institute has at its core the sociometric principles of the founders of psychodrama, Dr. J. L. Moreno (1889-1974) and Zerka T. Moreno (1917-2016). The Director of PIM is Sue Daniel.

The Training Program: The aim of the training is to develop theoretical knowledge and practical ability in the methods of psychodrama, sociometry, sociodrama, role training and group work through informal lectures, supervision, reading, writing and supervised practice in open and closed groups. The training is designed for people working or studying in such fields as psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, social work, education, welfare, the arts, health, counselling, organisational and staff development and pastoral care. Our training program includes ongoing group sessions on a four-term basis, weekend and day workshops, seminars, individual and small group supervision and other activities offered by the Moreno Psychodrama Society (MPS).

Methodology: The experiential method interwoven with theoretical knowledge is at the core of the program. This method involves trainees actively experiencing the emotional and sensory impact associated with participation and involvement in a situation, while experiencing full intellectual functioning. Role evaluation and group interaction are all part of the learning process. While psychodrama techniques and theory are integral to the training process other creative methods may also be employed.

Psychodrama is about mutual relationships and living in the moment.  Making connections through relationship is the catalyst for real change.