The Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne (PIM) is a  world class training organisation in leadership, group psychotherapy, group work, role theory, role training, sociometry and psychodrama. Our training program includes a variety of events from which to choose as well as the ongoing Training Courses. Practitioners, trainers and senior trainees are offering individual and small group supervision, personal and professional development courses, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching, mentoring, staff development and organisational consultancy.  

The institute has at its core the sociometric principles of the founders of psychodrama, Dr. J. L. Moreno (1889-1974) and Zerka T. Moreno (1917-2016), with an emphasis on two-way mutual relationships, spontaneity and creativity. The Director of PIM is Sue Daniel.

The Program: PIM is live in 2024!  We are conducting a number of workshops and activities at The Living Centre in East Melbourne, as well as our online courses and workshops. Monday, February 19 is the date of the PIM Opening Night.  There is an Online Opening of PIM on Tuesday, 20 February, via the Zoom Room. Our online program provides a range of activities and events for those living and working in other parts of Australia and Internationally. 
During 2024, we have two ongoing training groups which are run over 4 terms; Tuesday Evenings (online) and Thursday Evenings (in East Melbourne). Four weekends and the 4-Day Intensive in October make up the Thursday night training program, plus 4 Thursday evening sessions within each term. 

Open Workshops (in East Melbourne):
February: Saturday & Sunday 10 & 11 February: ‘Living Today’    
May: Saturday & Sunday 11 & 12 May , ‘Through the Mirror’.
July: Saturday & Sunday 28 & 29 July, ‘Gifts from the Past’. 
August: Saturday and Sunday, 30 Aug. & 1 Sept. ‘Group Relationships’.
October: Friday-Monday, 11-14 Oct. 4-Day International Psychodrama Intensive:
‘Precious Relationships’.

The Psychodrama Newspaper, announces new events and newsworthy topics. The idea of this medium is to enable us to work spontaneously within our program adding to the published 2024 program.

The experiential group ‘Onscreen’ Explorations in virtual reality through Psychodrama continues monthly throughout 2024. Other monthly programs include Reading Groups, Personal and Professional Workshops and a Supervision Group. In May there are 2 x 4 week small group courses entitled, ‘A psychodramatic approach to case studies‘. The Tuesday afternoon course is in South Yarra, while the Wednesday night course is being held online.  The Wednesday night course is continuing in September on 4 consecutive evenings from 8-9.30pm (AEST).

For more information on our institute, see the full training program for 2024 on this site, and our Facebook page. For all enquiries please contact our Administrator, Ted: (+61) 0410 536 791 or by email:

Psychodrama is about mutual relationships and living in the moment (the ‘here and now’).  Making connections through our relationships is the catalyst for real change; through our relationships with people, animals and the physical world. Our aim is to promote individual and group health in our communities through the spontaneity and creativity of sociometry and psychodrama. Let us all flourish in 2024 in our work and day-to-day life.